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Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been here for a while, welcome to the AMSL Diabetes Community! Containing more information from real people (see our “Dexcom Warriors Program“), you can also find out more about the AMSL Diabetes team, our events, community updates and news.

Dexcom Warrior Program

Our Warrior Community

The Australian Dexcom Warrior Program is new to Australia!

With over 20,000 Dexcom Warriors globally, Warriors are Dexcom CGM customers with inspiring stories who want to share their experiences with others – whether that be balancing diabetes whilst working the 9 to 5, competing in their chosen sport/profession at an elite level or perhaps progressing with their goals such as completing university degrees or adventurous treks. This program is supported by AMSL Diabetes.

Dexcom Blog

Our Blogs

TheDexcom Blog contains educational and personal blog entries relating to all things ‘type 1 diabetes.’ From introducing what is type 1 diabetes to exploring the role of various diabetes devices and even catching up on tips and tricks from others living with diabetes – these blogs are a must!


Our Events

Our aim is to provide our customers and healthcare professionals with the best products and support. That’s why we’re always hosting events across the country. Whether you want to find out more about our products, get some great tips on diabetes management or just meet some great people, we have an event for you.


Our Stories

Hear from others living with type 1 diabetes about how they make their diabetes devices work for them in their busy lifestyles! Featuring individuals from all walks of life, so why not check out these first-hand experiences from some of our customers.

About Us

We’re devoted to helping people living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. For over 20 years we’ve given thousands of people the tools and support they need to improve their quality of life.

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