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Virtual Sessions For You

We’re dedicated to supporting you!

The situation we all face with the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, however AMSL Diabetes’ continued support to you has not changed. As such, we wanted to let you know AMSL Diabetes is adapting in accordance with government guidelines at this time, and will be providing virtual sessions utilising stable webinar/video link platforms.

AMSL Diabetes will continue to host information sessions about (but not limited to):

At these sessions, you can receive information and updates on:

  • Product training/information
  • Remote product demonstrations
  • The AMSL Diabetes team, website, ordering process etc
  • Any questions you might have!

To indicate your interest in upcoming virtual sessions, please complete the form here:

Once a suitable time has been confirmed, we will contact you with further details.

Alternatively, if you have any general product questions or require any technical assistance, please contact our Customer Care team at or on 1300 851 056.

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