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Pilot Your Life: Jack’s Journey with type 1 diabetes

Jack's dream of flying was almost just that - a dream. He lost his medical certification to fly after being diagnosed with T1D. Determined to get back off the ground, Jack tried managing his glucose levels strictly with diet and training regimes, before turning to Dexcom G6 for assistance in managing his levels.

Our Family’s experience with Type 1 Diabetes

Whether it's Aussie rules or cricket, Mitch loves playing sport! Mitch was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just 15 months old. In this story, we spoke to Mitch and his mum Alicia, about Mitch's experience with T1D and how he manages his glucose levels when at home or away, and what support networks they have in place to assist their families journey with diabetes.

Diabetes: A Mum and Dad’s Story

We spoke to Christian's parents, Anthony and Megan about their son's type 1 diabetes, managing it with Dexcom CGM, Christian's passion to race and his determination to succeed!

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